I think my love of the awesome classic Volkswagen Lt is now well known and I am on a mission to save as many as possible, just don’t scrap em! pleeeeeeeease!!

Obviously this is quite a financial drain so what better way to save more without bank rupting  yourself talk others into saving them too!  and that’s just what I did with my camera man; John I talked him into buying an Lt. but as John is pretty eccentric and up for anything, (oh and pretty useless with names,) he did not take a lot of convincing, watch the first video to see what I mean.

Once we had got it back I then set to work stripping all of the insides, so I could start from a clean slate

Started on the side that is going to be able to drop down so people can stand at the bar

There are loads of little clips on Instagram showing progress and how I do things, I cannot film it all so if I miss anything just comment and I can cover that on my vids,


but here I make a new plate for the throttle and its loosing a bit of power watch the youtube vid to see why.