Yay! Made it through to the semi-finals


Read on for my introduction of the filming and loads of pics 😁


I was filmed for this down at the stunning Glanusk Estate in Crickhowell. There were 8 other contestants and the quality of some of the builds was exceptional. I loved every moment of being part of this programme and can’t thank Plimsoll Productions enough for giving me this opportunity.

There were so many different characters and I learnt so much, Mel Giedroyc is hilarious and had us in stitches. Please watch because not only is it interesting and there are some beautiful artistic builds it’s educational too, you won’t be disappointed

You can watch the official Ch4 trailer here I don’t know why I have my head in my hands 🀯


Series 1 my bed

Please watch the youtube video and my response to Judge, Helen Welch


Episode 1

Episode 2


My doll house

My chair design episode 3

My spoon whittling challenge

Episode 3 #handmade #britainsbestwoodworker


I was so pleased I made it through to the semi-finals. 😁 I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who has supported me. Right from the start @becky_daisy who had faith in me from the beginning when I was only 19 yrs old when I did the pilot, called Good with Wood then and thank you to Chloe Avery and Karen Plumb @plimsollproductions for giving me this fantastic opportunity. I have been so lucky to do all this as such a young age. Big thanks to my technician Francis who was so sure I had got through with my drinks cabinet he didnt wait for the results and went off to get the wood for my final build!!! Don’t know who was more upset him or me! 😭 As I was the only one to finish on time and include the whole brief, working lights and a lockable door and no one else did obviously I thought I was through. And finally a massive thanks to all my family , friends and followers that have supported me from start to semi-final finish. I don’t care that I didnt win I got through to the semi-finals had an absolute blast along the way, loved every minute and learnt loads. πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ€©β˜Ί done projects for @channel4 three times now and it’s been absolutely fantastic experience and well done for them putting in the positive comments about #homeeducation I wouldn’t be here without it 😁😍
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What’s next????????

I have just been offered a very interesting project and I am meeting the film producer soon, so watch this space!!!

Also my mum wrote a book about my time on #amazingspace The book was a greta success, here is the link if you haven’t read it:

She is now on with her second book which is all about my journey through my life to present day. It will be a brilliant read and it will also expose the failings in the school system, the cover up of my bullying by the Head of School etc and the reasons for my Home Education.

Thank You to everyone who watched! #homeeducation #bullying #mentalhealth