I love my recycling and try never to throw anything away here are some things I’ve made from scrap wood and off cuts

Shelf Brackets

Made from the cogs of a worn Micra gearbox 


Log store

Really proud of this because its my first object that I have made out of sustainable wood planted by me 😁 I made the front from Eucalyptus wood and I planted it when I was 11 yrs old from a little twig! I cut this off and used it for the log cabin and I have left enough for the tree to carry on growing.


How to make a bed for free

I made this bed just from fallen branches that I picked up from the forest floor, please watch the youtube channel below to see how I did it, Thanks

Oak box 

I was given a warped piece of Oak, so I made this box with dove tail joints


Stunning pew been thrown away


After a bit of tender loving care!


Bird feeders made from old wine bottles and some plywood off cuts

20200626_154348 (1)

Bench made from reclaimed Oak decking 

Reclaimed wood and slate roofed bird table 

A friend asked me to design and make a bird table for a present for a special occasion, I had some slate pieces left over from the Barn build so I had a recycling idea!  Hope you like it.

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Support made from roof rafter off cuts, table made form pallet wood

Pallet wood planter 


And a pic a customer sent!


Shop dispaly unit 

Made from pallet wood its certainly tidied up the shop

A cotton reel holder


Hedgehog house 


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A wonky shed from pallet wood


A chair from pallet wood


A table from 2 by 3 off cuts and a tree stump


A hen hut, all hens should have access to outdoors and a comfortable home