I love fashion particularly vintage clothing, it’s not always easy to find originals and then there is the price which is usually out of my range. So this page is dedicated to my love of vintage clothing or newer items that are vintage style.
I’ll start off with hats, I love em 😍 They are such a simple fashion accessory and can make or completely change the look of an outfit. Think your dress may look a bit plain 🤔 just add a hat and see the change

Please take a look at my #vinted page


Have you seen this awesome dress on my #vinted page?



Cap £5.99 can post for £2.50

Wool Vintage hat with feather design £9.99 can post for £2.99

Next black 100% wool hat £7.50 can post for £2.99

Purple Isle Woolly hat only £4.99 Can post for £2.99

100%Wool hat £9.99 can post for £2.99

Wool hat 80% wool made in Italy £14.99 postage £2.99

Vintage 1950’s wool hat £14.99 can post for £2.99


Monsoon vintage style evening/party dress UK size 10. Black beading around the neck and down the front £10 can post for £2.99


Jack Wills yellow skin tight trousers £4,99 can post for £2.99 W23 L32 size 10 but they are quite a small fitting for a 10 NOW SOLD