Two small wooden benches £20 each £35 pair

Rover P5 most parts available

5 Oak beams approx 10ft each £100 lot

Vintage Industrial light and shade £30

Wolf 2.5 hp 50 litre 9.5 cfm air compressor £90

Double faced 3ft vintage restaurant sign £25 can post for £5.99

1948 fully renovated ice cream trailer

Natural Wood Wax

Special introductory offer of my own wood wax, only £9.99 including postage for 500ml






6 thoughts on “Loads of vintage items for sale

  1. Hiya !
    I was just looking at the items for sale on this page and after the pics of your wax , the page goes kinda blank for a bit. Is my tech glitching again or is this how the web page is right now ?

    I was wondering through Homesense yesterday looking out for hand-carved items , just small, hand-sized pieces and I realised I still prefer to support individuals rather than big stores. Do you have anything like that lying around that you’d be happy to sell; to go to a new home ? 🙂


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