I am now stocking some of my handmade items from reclaimed wood at Hope Blossoms which is on the main street in Bentham, please take a look.

WW2 helmet 

Been told this is a MK 1V WW2 Helmet, feel free to message me with any info if its not 😁 #WW2 £34.99 can post 

Reclaimed Oak Beams

We have a number of reclaimed Oak beams in stock £8-£10 per foot


Wooden wheel barrow 


Small Oak slated folding bench 

This is a superb quality folding bench £75  I have 12 in total, I can discount for a job lot order.

Hand made solid Oak slated bench

Superb quality, Oak slated NOW..SOLD

Natural Wood Wax

Special introductory offer of my own wood wax, only £9.99 including postage for 500ml

Gorgeous quality carved facemask

Really unusual only £29.99


Shop open sign £9.99 

Can post for £2.99


Large fork made from one piece of wood £39

Recycled bird feeders 

These bird feeders are made totally from recycled materials, can even use your used wine bottles, the best thing is the price only £8.95!  Can post for £2.99  Anti spill design so does not encourage rats 20200626_154348 (1)

Vintage 16 bottle wine holder 

£19.99 can post for £2.99


Hand made windows boxes are only £9.99 I can post them for £4.99

20200612_203954 (1)


Items for sale 

Hedgehog houses, hand made using reclaimed wood only £24.99

Hand made milk bottle, wine holders, these gorgeous holders are ideal for loads of uses, keeping all your goodies in one place 😁 made from 200yr old reclaimed wood £24.99 including postage

Milk and wine bottle holders

One of my best sellers made from reclaimed wood, can be used for anything including toileteries in the bathroom to sauces for the barbecue.

I can even engrave the name of your boat on it for free!

Hen feeders

Only £5.99 can post for £3.99


Vintage wine bottle holder £19.99 including postage



Four vintage lights only £24.99 for the four can post for £3.99


Vintage bench

With cast iron ends and superb quality hardwood slats £95.00


Handmade stools

Made from top quality reclaimed wood £24.99 and can post for £4.99

Antique Chairs 

These superb chairs are straight out of Saint Peter’s Church in Rotherham


As expected they are superbly made using the best quality wood and the quality has stood the test of time.  Dating back to 1909 they are over 100 years old.  We are able to sell these at the amazing price of only £19.99 each.  We have over 50 chairs so they would be ideal for a café, bar, restaurant etc


Bath boards,

Hand made, only £10 can post for £2.99

Solid wood book ends with hand carved horses heads only £19.99, can post for £3.99

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