Scotty Fairno TikTok star

Scotty Fairno found TikTok fame after basically fuelling his vehicles for free. He has a love of classic cars and has a large active media following on Instagram, his followers sharing his passion for classic vehicles and getting covered in oil 🤣
Greta Thunbergs worst nightmare??? or is Scotty and others like him actually right and environmentally friendly? Saving old vehicles instead of manufacturing new #electricvehicles and using a waste product to run them? Have a watch and see what you think 🤔 😊 I know my views 😅 Id save every classic car in the world if I could 😍

classiccar #freefuel #diesel #dieselpower #dieselengine #volkswagen #volkswagenlt

He boasts 30 million Likes on his TikTok page and has thousands of followers on his Instagram. I caught up with him when he was helping my brother Billy remove an engine from a Volkswagen LT here’s what he had to say 😊

David Harper from Bargain Hunt & Antiques Road Trip

What an awesome interview this was with David Harper of Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip fame amongst other programmes

David Harper

He also valued a mask for me 😍

Richard Jupp

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview the co-founder and former drummer of the multi award winning band Elbow.

Me and Richard outside the biggest Mill I have ever seen!

Elbow was formed in 1997 in Bury, Greater Manchester. Richard gave me the choice of two venues to interview him at and I chose his studio in Stockport. He has his studio in the biggest mill I have ever seen it was humongous! He emailed me a link and said 4.30 p.m to meet up. What I hadn’t realised was there was no unit number and believe me when you see the size of the mill you need a unit number. My mother and chauffeur; the ultimate professional stated that we had to definately be there on time and helped me set up all my kit. We had back ups for everything including two stands, two mics we were prepared for all eventualities and were adament nothing could go wrong. We decided to set off very early, one as the above says to make sure we were definately not late, but two we are both keen photographers and wanted to look around the area to get some snaps.

Often we don’t google a place before we go, the reason being if you do it tends to just show the most popular places then you are drawn to them, if you go without knowledge you search for things and then often find the hidden gems that make the best pics. On arrival we turned towards the mill and it is massive, 6 floors with thousands of feet of floor space, the corriders are the width of average size rooms!

Wheres Richard ??? We seek him here we seek him there, seeking Richard everywhere!

We only had an email address for contact (Early lesson learnt get a phone number) and we knew he was in a workshop teaching for the day, so couldn’t pick up his emails and we definately did not want to disturb him.

We thought he could not be too hard to find so we arrived at the address at 1.30 p.m, 3 hrs early and pottered off for some lunch. Inside the mill there is a superb vintage and antique centre with a cafe which is well worth the visit. The amount of items that they had for sale was unbelievable and my mother an avid collector of Marks and Spencers vintage Harvest kitchen ware picked up some rare plates she had not seen before. After lunch we decided to set off on our Jupp hunt, to track his whereabouts, then carry on looking around the mill safe in the knowledge that we knew where he was and return at the agreed time of 4.30 p.m.

We were to find out that spotting a Richard Jupp was like spotting a rare animal in the wild. Who ever we asked pointed us in a different direction “Ahh yes 4th floor at the end.” and “The studio, I think it’s on the second floor.” And it went on. Eventually my mother and I decided to work as a team, she would take the lift and do the 5th and 6th floors I would take the stairs and do the lower floors and basement. So I bundled her into the lift with her various bags whilst I shot off, now realising that after allowing hours of time to be there early we may be late! I eventually summoned the owner of the mill and we finally found Richard. In his recording studio was an exhausted mother slumped over her bags. She had Knocked on every recording studio door, eventually hearing the sound of drums behind one locked door she repeatedly knocked on it unbeknown to her at the time interrupting the well known band Everything Everything

She grilled the band members making sure it was the correct Richard Jupp they knew only giving in when one of the members confirned he knew him by saying he had his number and could call him. She said I was just that exhausted at that point I had to make sure they had the right Richard!

I settled down for my interview and had set out my questions that I wanted to ask. My mother who Home educates me and does just what a good parent should do, advises me about good and bad. She said that I must be prepared because I will come across people that will be difficult to interview, she showed me the iconic clip of Grace Jones and Russell Harty where she slaps him across the face. My mother remembers seeing this as when she was young she remembers Russell Harty well, as he often used to visit my Grandfathers business, a keen Antiques collector he had a shop in the Folly the house my mother grew up in in Settle.

It’s amazing how one thing links to another and Richard and I both had the same link of meeting Simon Pegg, Richard discusses this later on in the interview. He calls Simon a legend and I certainly won’t disagree with that!

Anyway I had no worries about Richard being the Grace Jones of interviewing he was an absolute joy and it became more of a chat than an interview, it felt just like going out for a coffee with a friend.

Me reminding Richard about his D.I.Y skills!

I have watched the other interviews with Richard and obviously most focus on his drumming skills and his multi award winning band. That is immensly interesting to me as I predominately play the piano but I am also now learning the drums. Thats how I came across Richard when I was googling drummers. I wanted in my interview to know a bit more about the actual person. I had so much to ask him and could of spoken for hours. We had 1/2 an hour because Richard is so busy with his successful drum school and all the other projects he is on with at the moment.

In the interview Richard covers a number of topics including confidence issues, whether he would start a new band to weetabix and his love of D.I.Y. See Richard in my interview on my youtube as you have never seen him before.

I have also put a video on regarding Richards drum school, the link is here:

Coming soon

I really appreciate Richard giving me this opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much from the experience. Please subscribe to my youtube to recieve notifications of further interviews with awesome and interesting stories. You don’t have to be famous, if you have an interesting story to tell just message me. Also I’m in the process of working with someone to produce an exciting vid re: musicians, you don’t have to be ultra talented, just have a passion for music, if that’s you subscribe to my youtube and I will be putting a vid up in the near future. Thanks for reading.

I look like I’m meeting the Queen!!!!