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Dominic Raab is the Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, he is also the Conservative MP for Esher and Walton. Each role is a full time job, it’s like been a doctor, vet and a teacher. There is no way he can fully serve each role in the best interest for the public, there cannot possibly be enough time in the day. This is clearly one of the reasons that when you contact him he does not respond or that he just does not care and thinks there will be no come back. If he is not fully engaged in each position he makes decisions without fully knowing the facts. These decision for someone in his position can devastate lives.

Dominic Raab was told about the failings in a #CSA case with North Yorkshire Police on 31st May 2022 to this day he has not even acknowledged the parents letter

It’s nonsensical to give one person so many positions. Where my interest lies is in his position as the Secretary of States for Justice and Lord Chancellor. Prior to meeting my ex partner I had had little contact with the police, never been in a court room and never had to listen to a pompous judge dressed in a silly wig rattling on about how he had come to his decision appearing to know more about me and my children’s life than I did. Prior to meeting my narcissistic ex I naively believed that we actually had a good and fair justice system, how wrong I was. I won’t go on about this now as my story will be told in my new book. And if you haven’t already please look at my first book nothing to do with the not fit for purpose judicial system but worth a read!

So what is Raabs job and what is he responsible for?

Well according to the Uk Parliament website as his role of Lord Chancellor his role is:

‘The Lord Chancellor is a Cabinet minister and currently a Member of the House of Commons. Reforms, including the creation of the Ministry of Justice and the election of a Lord Speaker for the House of Lords, have significantly altered the role of Lord Chancellor in modern times.’

And according to this he is also responsible for the prisons and probation services:

On 9 May 2007, the Ministry of Justice was created. The two roles of Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor have since been carried out by one person with the office-holder holding both titles. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the courts, prisons and probation services in England and Wales.

Thats alot of work for any man to try and cover, but remember he also has the role of Deputy Prime Minsiter and MP, it’s a wonder he has any time to wink a Angela Rayner!

So now you see why in part our judicial sytem is no fit for purpose, obviously the poor state of the judicial system is not solely down to Raab, but as the man that is supposed to monitor it he plays a pretty big part. He is the man that over sees the whole shit show, you don’t have to have any legal training to know that with all his roles he cannot possibly have the time to give the justice system justice! He cannot know enough about every role, or have the time to speak to experts and more importantly witnesses to work out what is the best way forward to improve the antiquated failing system.

Start of my 4 page letter to Raab that he never even acknowledged.

I wrote to Dominc Raab on the 31st May 2022 obviously on the understanding that he would repond to my letter, even if it was just a general, generic fob off written by someone else. I left it a reasonable time and then emailed him after he had not responded. When he did not respond again I tweeted at him, surely when he realised the public could see that he was not responding to concerned victims or their representatives he would respond? Nope not a thing.

I explained fully in my letter what had happened but cannot give the full story as this could potentially identify the victim, but believe me the failings are substantial and the corruption horrific.

I informed Raab of a number of factual problems that should have horrified the man that oversees the judicial system, but not even a response, this proves he does not care and that all his talk is just lip service. At the moment I write there is outrage and rightly so regarding the Telford scandal, but what the public never hears of is the scandals that involve singular or a few victims. Victims tend to stay quite and not waive their anonminity, therefore people like Raab, can get away with no action, the victims won’t go to the papers and expose him. Obviously with thousands of victims like in the cases of Rotherham and Telford, you have more chance of a few speaking out and they are more likely to be believed if they are in numbers. It’s not fair that single victims do not get the same voice. That’s were the public can help the change for many victims, supporting the lone voices as well as the multiples.

This is what Raab is aware of amongst other horror stories:

1, That a victim has told the police that she has been raped, the man who raped her has a history of domestic violence from numerous previous partners, rape, CSA and GBH. Not only have the police refused to investigate they have refused to record it pursuant to the Home Office Recording Rules N100. RAAB KNOWS THIS and has done nothing.

2, That a CSA victim where there was enough evidence to charge the perpetrator took 2 yrs 3 months to get to court and in that time the perpetrator broke into the home of the child victim and planted a recording device listening into their bedroom and bathroom. The police never investigated the perpetrator stating by planting the bug he had done nothing wrong! The perpetrator then handed an edited copy of the recording to the police the original has never been found. The recording was the key evidence in the trial the police never got the recording expertly forensically examined. After the trial the childs parent made a Subject Access Request and had the recording expertly examined, not only had the recording been corrupted (Which was pretty obvious as the original was never found) the forensic expert also stated that the recording should never have been played in a court room environment as it was so distorted, he also stated that the transcripts that the jury read ( That incredulously the police had allowed the defence to transcribe!) were not a true representation of the recording. Even though these gargantuan mistakes got past the police, the CPS barrister and the judge, it took an unqualified inexperienced parent to uncover the truth, RAAB appears not to be concerned and has not even responded.

3, Regarding a police investigation where it has been proven by a report that had to be made after the threat of Judicial Review that the investigation was unsatisfactory. The victim requested disclosure of documents from the CPS. The CPS refused to give them any information so they took them to court as Litigants in Person. The CPS outsourced the job to a barrister with 30 yrs experience, clearly they didn’t trust the ability of their in house barristers. The barrister they chose charged £9,000 for a witness statement and a 1 1/2 hr hearing, so when the CPS whine they have no money you know why now as they can fritter it away on perverse barrister costs. But what is of more concern is what have they to hide when they point blank refuse to hand over any data that the victim is entitled to? And more frightning a pompous bully of a judge does not adhere to the law and sides with them. After the CPS have messed up peoples lives the public cannot take out their own civil litigation against the abuser as the CPS. If the CPS will not charge people can but they will probably refuse to disclose documents and the courts stand by them. So basically they are immune from legal challenges.

4, That the DI in a Child Sexual Abuse Investigation was not actually a DI so was lying. She was not qualified and had neither the qualifications or the experience to over see the case.

There is far more I could write, but this blog is to expose the likes of Raab who are paid to do a job and do not fullfill their duties by serving the public. Please follow the website I will be exposing more corruption, everything will be backed up with evidence through emails and letters etc

Thanks for reading JW

Other gaffes by Raab and stating that the typical food bank user has ’cash flow problems.’



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Everything I write, can and will be backed up with proof.

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