Started my new project refurbishing a canal boat

Wanted to do this for a while, but the weather has been so bad it has not really been worth starting, but now the nights are getting lighter I have started and going to get on with it.  This is the start of my story refurbishing my first canal boat.

We had looked at quite a few boats but even the cheapest were thousands of pounds and we just could not afford.  We saw one we fell in love with and it had a number in the window, we rang them up and it was a man that dealt in boats he told us it was £36,000!!!!  We put the telephone down, £36,000 was far out of the reach of our pocket, we just thought it was something we would have to save up more for and thought nothing more of it, then a few weeks later the same man rang us back and said he had an old boat that needed loads of work and it was stuck in a harbour and needed to go as it was costing in harbour fee’s,  we drove on to the harbour and their she was old and tired but we immediately fell in love with MatildaJayne!

As you can see Matilda got pretty excited also!!!!!


Getting her ready for lifting and then on the back of the transporter

This is the video of her being lifted out for replating, I have put this on because, it was one of the things that really put my mum off buying a boat if they were for e.g in dry dock as she  thought it would be a major job to move them.  This vid shows actually what a easy hassle free job it is.

First thing I did was strip all the old MDF out of the boat, it was very old and badly put together, i have never seen so much sealant! I made a frame for Matilda’s room and here she is after I put the first piece of plywood on.


Moored in Hestbank and setting off.

On our way to Carnforth, the outside is still tatty, but its something I cannot start until the weather gets better and I get a few good days.  Carrying on with the frames for the bedrooms tomorrow hopefully going to get a full day on it so will upload some pics.

The Jayne Walden Photography Collection.

Sunset over Lancashire taken in April of this year 2018

P1660021 (2)



Stunning sight of birds swarming like bee’s over the M6

Jayne was asked to photograph the lovely Jenny Powell today, Ambassador for Shatterboys Recovery UK







Granada reports chose to use one of Jayne’s  pictures, you can see many of her fabulous pictures at Lancaster library for the whole of February. All the photographs are as they have been taken and are not edited or tampered with.

ShatterBoys Recovery chose to use one of Jaynes Pictures for their Twitter page:  Some of the lads with the Shatterboys  Ambassador Jenny Powell.

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Picture of this incredible sun rise with the Bird of prey silhouette soaring over, as seen on ITV television, grab your copy at this lowered price for only £9.99.


Lancaster Canal, or what remains of it! On the way to Kendal, dry after been severed by the building of the M6 motorway .  Only £9.99


Morecambe Bay



Outstanding picture of the mysterious Loch Ness taken at night fall.  Look deeply into it and do you see the liitle child! only £9.99.


This intriguing pictures capturing a range of textures and shades, is only £9.99 for a 10″ by 8″ framed,  It draws the eye to look at it again and again!



Gorgeous picture taken in the summer time, when the weather was fine!


All about my refurbishment from start to finish of our beloved VW LT 35: Veronica!!!!!!!!

Yay my mum got a  retweet of the lovely Veronica by @Fuzztownshend Fuzz is mega talented and car sos is one of my favourite programmes.

P1650159 (2)


My sister being interviewed at a rally keeping her cleaning tactics secret!

This is how Veronica started out and old smelly horse box, with mouldy poo and old hay inside.  I lovingly restored her to how she looks today.


The first job I did was strip all the back out and remove the ramp.

I then stripped the floor and insulated the floor and walls and added all the wiring.  Veronica charges the battery as she runs and is also backed up by solar power.

I then fitted the windows I sourced these off a caravan that was going for scrap, they are vintage ones.

Then it was adding the toilet, kitchen, oven etc, my mum did the furnishings and made the curtains.

Veronica was in supriseingly good condition for her age on the outside, her paintwork was very tatty, but there was no rot and very little rust.  I sanded her down, applied primer and borrowed a friends garage to spray her in, she was too big for the spray booth!

And this is the finished product below, my mum and sister with Veronica at Scarborough.

Thanks to The for my write up in todays paper 19th Jan 2017



Made this bird table for a customer