I don’t know what to do…………. My new song!

Hope you like my new song written and performed with the best mum in the world!

It’s a bit country and massive thanks to the one and only awesome Mark Gray from King Sound Studios for his banjo skills

They don’t make em like that anymore

I wrote ‘They don’t make em like that anymore” with my wonderful mother Jayne and we both sing on the track. I recorded it at King Sound Studio and the multi talented Mark Gray added lead guitar.

I was on Weirfm being interviewed for my song ‘I Do’ when I mentioned the night before that I had been watching my brothers Fred Dibnah DVD collection. Roydon the presenter challenged me to write a Fred Dibnah song and here it is! I hope you like it

It was so kind of WeirFM to play my song I Do, you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to listen to them on 105.7 fm Lancashires best kept secret, if you missed me here is the link.


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I’m on Soundcloud, please follow 😍

Please listen to my poem of Ribblehead Viaduct

Please have a listen to the start of my new song ‘If Only’ thanks 😍

Big thanks to #streetsong for featuring my song #snowflake

Yayyy finally got my Christmas song recorded #snowflake

My First Song

Please have a listen to my Christmas song I wrote called snowflake. I am recording it in December.

This is my first song I co-wrote with my mother.

Filming up at Ribblehead, messing about, having a laugh and getting some pics!

About Me

My name is Matilda and I love music. I am learning to play the piano, drums and ukelele. I have co produced my first song with my mother.

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