This is a blog about my work and our beloved VW LT 35: Veronica!!!!!!!! and my help as a volunteer for the charity Shatterboys UK

Great piece of TV coverage for our event at Morecambe


Jenny Powell has just confirmed she is going to talk at our Shatterboys event on the 24th June at the Vale of Lune rugby club, Morecambe.




In the Lancaster Guardian today!


Please can everyone click on and like my friends page they support survivors of child sexual abuse, thanks


My sister being interviewed at a rally keeping her cleaning tactics secret!


Just won the Skill builds competition and qualified for the National Championship! YAY!



Just in the process of making this dog bed


Just made this large mirror made out of reclaimed Oak




Made this today for a customer Salmon bookends

This is how Veronica started out and old smelly horse box, with mouldy poo and old hay inside.  I lovingly restored her to how she looks today.


The first job I did was strip all the back out and remove the ramp.

I then stripped the floor and insulated the floor and walls and added all the wiring.  Veronica charges the battery as she runs and is also backed up by solar power.

I then fitted the windows I sourced these off a caravan that was going for scrap, they are vintage ones.

Then it was adding the toilet, kitchen, oven etc, my mum did the furnishings and made the curtains.

Veronica was in supriseingly good condition for her age on the outside, her paintwork was very tatty, but there was no rot and very little rust.  I sanded her down, applied primer and borrowed a friends garage to spray her in, she was too big for the spray booth!

And this is the finished product below, my mum and sister with Veronica at Scarborough.

I am exhibiting some of my work at Lancaster library which is in the mails square next to the museum, if your in the area, please pop in and have a look, Thanks.

Some of my work now been sold in shops, take a look at this equestrian shop with my key holders for sale.

Thanks to The for my write up in todays paper 19th Jan 2017



Made this bird table for a customer


11 thoughts on “This is a blog about my work and our beloved VW LT 35: Veronica!!!!!!!! and my help as a volunteer for the charity Shatterboys UK

  1. Wow, this lad is fantastic at what he does. Billy is an inspiration for all young lads out there with no direction. Just look at what can be achieved with passion, hard work and dedication. Well done Billy, you make your family so proud and you deserve success in your journey.
    This lads work is outstanding!

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