My name is Matilda and I am Billy’s sister, like Billy was I am home educated. I have loads of interests including music, magic, photography and nature. I have now taken part in modelling work and I love acting and at the moment I am taking part in 9-5 with Settle Operatic Society. I have learning difficulties including being severely Dyslexic, but that has not stopped me from starting to write my first book! My mother helps me and I also use my voice app that spells things out for me. Through education my mother has taught me to attempt anything if I want to and not to worry about my disabilities holding me back, even J K Rowling has a proof reader! So, been dyslexic is not going to prevent me from telling my stories. I will be writing about a wide range of topics from the discrimination and bullying I and my family have suffered through to my home education journey and beyond.
I am a competition winning photographer and my entry was for ’natures colours’ for the Rotary Young Photographer Competition. Here are pics of me being presented with my certificate:

And the winning picture I took 😁

Hope you enjoy my photographs and please follow me on #flickr just click on the below pic

Sitting on Winskill Stones
Winskill Stones Stainforth

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#mika is my favourite song writer and I am trying to learn his song Stuck in the Middle it’s not easy this is me starting out

I’m teaching myself piano and aspire to be as good as Mika