Billy was the youngest project manager to be on Amazing spaces and the first with two builds!

George was so impressed by Billy’s refurbishment of MatildaJayne he said:

Sprinkled Billy dust on it 

Other comments included:

Absolute Legend

In all my years I don’t think I have ever been so impressed by such a talented and humble craftsman 

Nothing short of unbelievable and 

Takes my breathe away 

Read the whole story in the highly recommended book; MatildaJayne, Our Great Canal boat journey


The link to the programme:

The book written by his mother; Jayne Walden is about the full refurbishment of their  canal boat;  MatildaJayne.   The book is ideal for anyone who is considering buying a canal boat or just has an interest in them.  It also covers the refurbishment of their Volkswagen LT.    Read about their journey from purchasing the boat through to the full restoration.  Full of information about safety certificates and other things associated with owning a narrowboat.  An invaluable read if you are contemplating buying a narrowboat.  Read about their mistakes, tears and  laughter as they work together to transform their ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

The write up on Amazon:

Follow one family’s journey from the purchase of a dilapidated canal narrowboat through its transformation by them into a beautiful floating home. The boat was transformed primarily by Billy when he was a teenager who was home educated and then trained as a carpenter, who has succesfully competed and won a Skillbuild contest for the construction trade in the UK when he was only 16.
The refurbishment was followed by George Clarkes Amazing Spaces as seen on Channel 4 on UK TV, which also showcases his truely outstanding feat of transforming a rusty Volkswagon LT into a spectacular Camper Van for the family to use.
Their voyage is even more amazing when you consider that the family unit consists of mum Jayne, a single parent, Billy, a talented young man and the youngest family member is Matilda a cheeky, energetic autistic girl. The family is a strong unit, with lots of time for fun together whilst showing that its not necessary to follow tradition. The strong family bond shines through the book and will leave you laughing at some of the antics they all get up to.
George Clarke also mentions that Billy was the youngest Project Manager ever to appear on the programme.


The YouTube link of the lift

Copies of the book MatildaJayne can be collected from:

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