My mum bought this LT about 10 yrs ago and is used almost daily

Shes called Vera and has never broken down and never missed a beat, but last week she got an oil leak and I think she deserves a full rebuild so please follow my step by step guide from start to finish.

I work some pretty stupid hrs in all weathers so sometimes mother refuses to film!!! So its hard to get everything, if I miss anything comment below and I will go over it, thanks for watching.

Video 1

And the engines out at midnight 🤣

Here is video 2, shows up to removing the engine please watch and share

Video 3

And then onto video 4 and there is certainly an oil leak!

Waiting for parts to come that didn’t arrive on time, so done a little vid on changing piston rings

This video shows how to take the valves out, grind them and re-fit them

Yay the parts are finally here! So watch whilst I re-build the crank and the pistons and bearings

Ready to time now

Look at the difference a filthy oily engine

To a lovely clean re built beaut 😁

Engine back in !!!! Through drivers door