Here we go again, I’m hooked, I’m on my third Lt, I actually started this one when I was 16 yrs old, but had to put it on hold due to a massive project I had to do which will be on the telly next year, So I’m back on me beloved Valerie and she’s gonna look like a new wagon by the time I’ve finished.   When we got her someone had cut the back out and removed the window the first part was making and welding the plate on and making the frame to take the window.

The next job I have done is make the engine cover higher the 6 bt is about 6 inches higher so I have made a frame for the original cover, after I have sprayed her I will carpet that, mainly to help deaden the noise.

The floor is a bit rotton to say the least!

The bumper on this LT looks very small and out of proportion so I am modifying a bigger one to fit on her