Pendragon stages

Questmead stages Wigan Three Sisters 

Over the moon with the result at the Questmead stages, my mum co-drove this time did a superb job as usual and team BAW rallying came 3rd!  Over the moon two thirds now, so getting placed which is great.

Hopefully got over a few teething problems after modifying the engine

Made a Group A Airbox for the mighty Maureen and it worked perfect first time out came third in class, message me on the contact form  for enquiries thanks.

Cadwell park race track Louth

Getting ready for the rally massive thanks to my sponsors Safe Scaffolding Heysham, Morecambe and Imageon Lancaster

Steering rack change 

Take a look of the Transformation of Maureen



Heroes Stages rally Weeton 

What a great day out at Weeton, came third. thanks to my awesome co driver Andrew Walshaw and to ImageOn Lancaster for all the stickers

At Heroes Stages rally and its wet and slippy!

Promenade stages

Well had to retire unfortunately power steering belt broke which powers the water pump I think it may have just been the extreme heat it was boiling, but a great day anyway and cannot wait until the Promenade stages. please see the youtube vid

Up to 68th place on stage 3 surprised we even got there , there was a long break for lunch and the sun on the bonnet  actually damaged one of the wires!!! That’s how hot 🔥 it’s got here. Went to start Maureen and totally dead no power, managed to find and mend the wire, just managed to get to the stage, so bit of a rush job


All ready for the off and seeded last so the only way is up!


Thanks so much for the awesome stickers such a transformation:


Having a bit of fun filming Maureen our Micra

Cetus Stages Wigan May 2019

Had a good start to my first proper rally in the driving seat.  Car finished with no damage and came 5th in class, so all in all a good first day out, hope there are many more to come

Filming in Preston 

Well here we go its the start of the season for me and the car is ready to go, just had a great day filming at Newton Motorsports in Preston, they certainly know their stuff and I learnt loads this morning, just when you think you have done everything to your car, you see something new.

Met my awesome camera man John their this morning I have the best crew ever, helped by the equally awesome Steve, so got some good footage and advice today rolled into one!


We have won the 2018 KMLC Championship, absolutely over the moon that my mum has won her first Championship and unfortunately her last as I have now passed my test and I am taking over the wheel!  Cannot thank her enough its has been an awesome year co-driving for her and to come out with a Championship win at the end is the icing on the cake.  She even managed to get 6th place in the 6r4 challenge not bad for a 1.4 Micra

Image (42)

6r4-challenge-2018.pdf 6r4 challenge.

But its time to change seats and she will be co-driving hope I don’t  scream at her as much as she screamed at me, I have a very competitive mother! lol

This is Maureen our Micra


We have been moving up the places last time competing at Wheeton and coming 25th even though we were seeded 48th, we compete regularly at Wigan coming 6th in class last time which we were extremely pleased with

6r4-challenge-2018.pdf 6r4 challenge.

Matilda starting young checking the oil


In 7th and 8th position challenge

Click to access 6r4-2018-challenge-results.pdf

September 2018 Promenade stages

Things started of well, especially as the first two stages were in the dark and we had never raced in the dark, we moved up about 10 places  from our seeded 83rd  place.The next day started well and we improved on times steadily creeping up the board until our driveshaft broke on stage 4.  We never hit anything and just thought it was one of those things, more disappointing was that we managed to fix the car in time for the next stage and maintain our staring position only to be given a 30 minute penalty! we then had a cracking stage beating cars we had never been near before, disaster struck again on the next stage, driveshaft again on the same corner!  So we were completely out, back to the drawing board now to see what’s wrong.


A few pics my mum took from New Brighton Beach