This is going to be such an exciting project, I am building an old barn from scratch,  it’s absolutely knackered and the front wall has not been tied in and its basically free standing.  With water ingress, age and lack of maintenance its basically beyond repair and the whole lot needs to be rebuilt from the floor up.  I have never done stone work before so I am teaching myself.  There is going to be a bit of a twist as well, you probably know I love my vintage and I try my hardest to be environmentally friendly, so the whole build is going to be made out of recycled, reclaimed, renewable and vintage parts and bits and bobs.  If its reusable I’m going to reuse it, no skip here its all going back in, the only thing going is the old wiring and that’s going for scrap.  So follow my journey and my building of Billy’s barn and I’m doing everything myself from the stonework to the plastering and everything is reclaimed or vintage from the wood to the washing machine complete with mangle! here goes!