This is going to be such an exciting project, I am building an old barn from scratch,  it’s absolutely knackered and the front wall has not been tied in and its basically free standing.  With water ingress, age and lack of maintenance its basically beyond repair and the whole lot needs to be rebuilt from the floor up.  I have never done stone work before so I am teaching myself.  There is going to be a bit of a twist as well, you probably know I love my vintage and I try my hardest to be environmentally friendly, so the whole build is going to be made out of recycled, reclaimed, renewable and vintage parts and bits and bobs.  If its reusable I’m going to reuse it, no skip here its all going back in, the only thing going is the old wiring and that’s going for scrap.  So follow my journey and my building of Billy’s barn and I’m doing everything myself from the stonework to the plastering and everything is reclaimed or vintage from the wood to the washing machine complete with mangle! here goes!




The old corrugated roof before I took it off note the two levels I have to remove the wall and rebuild it at the end to extend the roof so it looks the same throughout.



The whole of the barn has basically had to be started from scratch and taken down to the foundations as the walls had not been tied in, they were basically free standing.

Starting to build the walls back up, first time I have done stone work so it’s slow and steady whilst I learn.

4 weeks in and its hard !

This is the inside wall and because the barn was left and nobody repaired the roof it has had horrific water ingress.  Some of the bricks are so soft you can crumble them with your hands. The inside wall is brick, the rest of the barn is stone.


Managed to source some dry reclaimed hand made bricks


Built back up its now safe and strong and the Oak beams that will support the roof are going in.


Gable end now finished yay

The first reclaimed Oak beams go in


Making the joins on the reclaimed Oak beams


Just been to pick up the new floor boards and their just the best, really please with them take a look at the vid

These are just the best looking bricks I have ever seen how well are they going to transform the wall, looking forward to the finished result when these go in just click on  icon on my youtube video and you can subscribe to get notifications thanks

Not throwing anything away I have made these stools from the off cuts of the rotten joists



I need to fit the supports for the roof, these Oak beams are very old, superb quality and very tough!

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Getting rid of any of the old wood that was just too rotten to use, not alot really.

Scaffolding coming down today, the big reveal 😁

20201029_124605Back of the barn being rendered