Refurbishment of my Volkswagen LT; Vera.

t’s that

Below the drivers door is showing signs of rust, I believe it has had a poor repair previously which has accentuated the problem.

Just ground the paint and filler off and it’s clear to see that the plate has just been roughly put on, it has not been shaped to follow the arch.  It looks like the welder has been too hot also, this would also go to explain that on the other side the door panal looks like at some point it has had some intense heat that has rippled it.

It would not surprise me if the original rust; now rot had just been plated over.

Well thats all the problem uncovered, if your going to do a job do it properly or not at all! What a mess, that could of been avoided if just prepared correctly initially.

All the rot cut out and getting ready to weld, just having a good check underneath to see if everything else is okay


Got the plate tacked back on ready to weld and shape now

Well thats all the rust and rot removed, now to prepare properly so it doesn’t happen again and the ole girl can keep going for many years to come.

Had to leave the door for today going to get back on with it Thurs as I had a full day today and weather was good so I took the container off instead and put it on the VWlt Cummins 6bt whilst I refurbish Vera, sorry for mum’s sad joke on the vid!

The two LT’s lined up to swap the body

Just a chassis cab now ready for a full refurb


Now the body is off I can have a proper look at the chassis which is in excellent order, it’s like new you would not believe it’s age.  I’ve started preparing it with a wire brush then sanding down ready for paint, I’ve got the axle prepared ready to paint with the chassis

Thats the chassis done bit of a squeeze getting her in the garage!

Started sanding her down, looking good, not much rust or rot to be found, which is good.


Front and one side primered the beast is looking awesome, bless her!

Making a temporary spray booth!


11.30 p.m and the maskings well under way it’s gonna be a long haul tonight to get her finished can’t believe how effective our makeshift spray booth is.


2 a.m! I must be bonkers or obsessed with LT’s or maybe both!


Well thats the beast done pretty pleased with the finish!


I use Workzone a lot I find them the best for quality and price combined and they are guaranteed for 3yrs, you can give them some hammer and they tend to cope, without paying outrageous prices that some of the tool manufacturers tend to charge.

And this is the final finish not bad to say the spray booth was made out of wood, plastic and a fan heater!! lol Certainly #makingthemostofwhatyougot

It’s that shiny we struggled to get a vid without the reflection, we had to stand to the side! lol

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