Former caravan from Wensleydale station refurb

We purchased this caravan from Leyburn and were told by the previous owner that it was the old workers brew room from Wensleydale station.  It dates back to the 1960’s and certainly had enough old notes dated back 20 years or so for e.g how to use the toilet without marking it lol to reference to the station to back up it was used for commercial purposes and not private and that it had a strong connection to the station.

It will of been a welcome retreat for an exhausted worker especially on a freezing wet day.

The caravan is exceptionally well built. the roof is as good as the day it was made two sheets of aluminium perfectly shaped into a dome were the water runs effortlessly into his channels dispelling it away from the caravan ensuring no damp or leaks, so it was puzzling to find the caravan riddled with damp and rot. We were soon to find out it was one handle that had never been mended the water was leaking in through one screw hole and running down the whole caravan damaging it, luckily there had only been enough to rot the plywood and not the original wood, which when waxed up was gorgeous and oozed quality that ran through the whole of the caravan.

Apart from the damage to the handle the exterior of the caravan was in pretty good condition, yes the paint had seen better days and in most places was non existent, but the metal work was in excellent condition as were all the original glass windows.  The outside was a case of just sanding off all the old paint applying a primer and top coat, just laborious work but nothing too taxing.

The interior told a different story, the weather had been allowed to play havoc unchallenged and basically the whole of the plywood sides had to be replaced.  Even though the rot was only on the corners the sides were basically made of full sheets with the window cut out, Billy been a perfectionist was not going to just cut out the rot and patch, he does everything right and removed the whole part and replaced it.  I loved the old antique pine that was exposed at the front and left this bare just sanded and waxed.

The toilet area was very basic and somebody had liked writing signs especially telling the workers the best way to use the toilet!

The door and the rest of the interior were in pretty bad shape and the caravan had clearly never had any TLC

But the two lamps were in excellent condition they were the original gas lamps and these were definitely staying just going to be converted to 12v electric. Hidden under the seat was another Wensleydale sign this will be framed and hung on the wall remembering the provenance of the caravan and not forgetting her roots.



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